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Imagine yourself on the fly bridge of this boat , sitting at the helm in your own captain's chair

Imagine yourself at the helm, while enjoying the views from the flybridge of MOONSHADOW !

This is your opportunity to buy an aluminum hulled boat . Perhaps you would like to double your fun by purchasing the BEST slip in Port Superior Marina.


Live, play , relax on this custom 41 foot aluminum hull boat.  

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Moonshadow was purchased new in 1989; then, used for a few years in non-salt water.  Due to significant family issues, the boat was hardly used for 15 years.  During that time the boat was stored outdoors until  the  owner decided to donate the boat to a charitable organization.  At that time, the organization re-commissioned  and delivered it to a marina about 200 miles away.  Maintenance necessary for the trip was done, with the transporting captain reporting  "no issues".   


The current owners had the boat delivered to a marina in  Wisconsin, where the rehabilitation started in an indoor facility .   In addition to interior work, mechanical items and electronics were installed. 

Five months  later,  the boat was was driven to Vinette Boat Works in Escanaba, Michigan for painting and aluminum fabrication work.     Dan & Jeff Branson (brothers known for ship building)  worked together to complete the work in 2007.  Dan Branson, a marine architect,  made the modification designs.  

While in the Vinette shipyard, a conversion was made from a direct sewage discharge  to two  self-contained  systems with holding tanks. 

Just prior to leaving the shipyard, a Tundra refrigerator, a washer/dryer unit, and a solid surface stove top were installed to compliment the new Solid surface counters & sink.    Additionally , while in the shipyard the following were installed:

  • complete Raymarine C system radar,
  • depth transducer, 
  • a charting system,
  •  an autopilot,
  • marine stereo system, and
  • a 2000 watt Prosign full sine wave inverter  (currently, the inverter has a battery capacity of Harker AGM batteries of 1000 AMP hours of storage) 

When the current owners purchased the boat, it was delivered with usage of  approximately 300 motor hours and 10 generator hours.  While the paint and canvas were in poor shape when the current owners got the  boat, the mechanical parts of the boat ( including motors, generators, heating & air conditioning) and the hull  were all in excellent shape.  The original owners had all  work performed by a marina (verified by documentation they provided).

Alwgrip  was used to the paint the boat ---   Light gray on  top, dark gray on the hull and complimented by a dark red accent line.   While passerby's can be heard singing  "Moonshadow" as they pass by the  boat, it wasn't named after a song.   Given the gray-on-gray color combination, the boat was aptly named MOONSHADOW.

After 3 years in the shipyard, the Moonshadow was launched and navigated  for a 600 mile  trip  to Port Superior Marina  in Bayfield,  Wisconsin  (the doorway to the Apostle Islands).   The trip went smoothly  and all systems worked perfectly.  Currently,  the Moonshadow is  docked at Port Superior and continues to spend it's winters in an inside heated facility stored on a custom built $3000 cradle (free with  sale of the boat) .  New owners have the option of continuing the storage contract.       

Exterior  parts of the boat were designed to be removable for transportation purposes.

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